Tribal Fashion

Tribal Fashion Shoot

It is that time of year when the university fashion students are completing their final collections. I am very keen on working with students as its a great way to make contacts for the future as well as producing great work. I worked with Faye who is a stylist on the a previous shoot, and she had a couple of shoots left to complete her final year. I was happy to work with her on these as they are both quite different to anything I’ve done before. The first shoot was tribal fashion, I arrived at the shoot to find a completely different model to who I was expecting. The original model had completely let Faye down, thankfully Franchesca stepped in. 

The brief was to create some striking black and white images, and that is exactly what we set about doing. With simple but strong styling it didn’t take too long for Franchesca to pull out some great poses. 

I used a very simple lighting setup on this shoot, mainly shooting with just the one light. I wanted very high contrast images, so Initially used a softbox however soon changed to a beauty dish to get a more intense light source. 

These are some of my favourite images from the shoot:

Tribal Fashion

Tribal Fashion

Tribal Fashion

Tribal Fashion


Photography: David Greensmith Photography

Model: Franchesca Flack

Stylist: Faye Sictorness

Make-up: Poppy Afton Van Praagh

Hair: Natasha Shaddick

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