Portrait Photographer Hampshire£100 including a 10″x8″ Free PrintPortsmouth Portrait Photographers, David Greensmith Photography offer several formats of portrait photography; most people are different so it helps to be able to offer something different:

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

This is a different take on traditional family portraits. Some people call them lifestyle portraits, but basically I try to capture you in a natural relaxed state. To do this you can’t be put into a studio environment. It needs to be done where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This can be something as simple as your own lounge, to a walk on the beach or local park. This works particularly well with children, as they are more interested in where you are going than the person with the camera.

Milestone portraits

Very often portraits are taken of groups, however if you look in history, very often portraits were taken on an individual basis. I love the old portraits of people on their own with a very simple background. I have resurrected this format but given it a modern format. In America these portraits are usually aimed at “seniors” to us Brits they are school/college leavers.These portraits are taken on location, usually somewhere simple like by a wall, park, path, sat on the curb. They are relaxed natural shots that are not overly posed.The point of these portraits is to mark a significant time in somebody’s life! It doesn’t have to be finishing school or university, it could be something else such as starting a new career, becoming a mother or father. Any life-changing event where you want to record what somebody was like at the point in time.

Studio Portraits

This does exactly what is says on the tin. It is a simple studio portrait, for individuals or small groups of people. As a rule I limit how many people I will shoot in a studio environment to 6 people. Any larger groups works better on location. These shoots are generally done on a simple white or black background, depending on the look you want for the pictures.

Baby Portraits

When photographing babies, I always do this at the customer’s home. Studio environments are not really Baby friendly. Plus the benefits of doing the shots in your home is the all the toys, outfits and accessories are all there. It also means as a mother you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home carrying everything but the kitchen sink. My studio equipment is portable so I can quickly set up in a small space very quickly.

Pregnancy portraits

I have shot a couple of pregnant women in the last year or two, and it’s very often something that is enquired about. This can be done in any environment from your home, to studio or even on location. I also offer a deal to capture this over a period of time and in a number of shoots. This will show the growth and the final shoot is of the newborn baby. For information on this product, please get in contact.

Prints & Canvases:

As I stated earlier all of my portrait shoots come with a free 10″x8″ Print, this however can be swapped for credit towards a larger print. To see the pricelist of print sizes click here. I love to see photographs printed, they look so much better when on the wall or in a frame, I try to keep my prices affordable where the products are concerned for this very reason.

Reasons to have a Professional Portrait taken:
  • Quality – digital cameras are great however the lens quality on a professional camera is what makes the difference.
  • Printing – How often do you take a photograph and never print it out? All of our portraits come with at least one print, with options for further prints, albums and canvases. You also have the option to get your favourite images in a digital format.
  • Skill – Taking a great photograph is a skill, it requires knowing the best angles, how to position for light, and how to make the sitter comfortable.
  • Keepsake – A professional will keep your portraits safe in a digital format. Unless you are very diligent, many people will loose digital images as they don’t back them up.

To Book a portrait session, simply get in touch on 07590 901488 or email us dg@davidgreensmith.co.uk