David Greensmith Hampshire Photographer 

Living in Hampshire, we are very luck as photographers. What ever direction we travel in there are beautiful locations to photograph in. If we head to South Hampshire and the coast line, there are plenty of beaches to work with. They may not be Sandy beaches like those of the neighbouring counties, but they are still beautiful.

We are very often found working on Hill Head/Meon Shores beach as this is the most local to us. Lee-on-Solent is also very close by and there is always somebody doing water sport stunts to look at.

The coast in Hampshire holds two of the oldest and best known ports in the country, in fact the world. Southampton, more of a commercial port and Portsmouth, home to the Royal Navy. There are plenty of sights and locations to work within at both.

For photographers looking for good locations on the Hampshire Coast I would suggest the best locations are:

Warsash, at the mouth of the Hamble River.

Netley – not only do you have the country park and abbey, but you have a great view of the southampton water, ideal for photographing outgoing Ocean Liners.

Lepe – A beach on the other side of southampton waters, a shingle beach which has some interesting subjects such as what is left from the D-Day preparations in 1944.

Hayling Island – About the only place in hampshire where you may get some sand on the beach.

Heading inland there are more quaint villages than I can talk about. Heading towards Alresford from Fareham you will find the streams that allow Hampshire to be one of the best habitats for growing Watercress anywhere. Ideal for some landscape photography and the streams with add some genuine interest in your photographs.

You can visit historic Winchester with the Round table of king arthur. There are markets and other historic building to use within photographs. The number of stunning wedding venues around Winchester is very high, so if you are a wedding photographer, this is the place to be.

Saving the best for last, The New Forest. There is so much potential here that I could go on all day. Villages, animals, landscapes galore, go explore it for yourself to see. Check out Lyndhurst, Burley and the Rufus Stone to start with. I recommend going in winter and get there before first light, the frosts and lighting can be spectacular.