Lockdown up’s and downs

Like most people the last 5 months have been a very odd situation. My work has been on pause for the whole time. Working primarily with Hair salons and stylists, we have been on the whole unable to do anything. So what have been up to? The simple answer is I have been a stay at home Dad.

Looking at the positives, I have been able to watch my son learn to walk and now run (mostly). In the main this experience has allowed me to connect with him in a way I’d not managed to when I was working pretty much full time.

Here is a few images of us just being:

So I did manage to do some socially distanced work, primarily with the incredible Andrew Smith. We created some tutorial videos to help people manage their hair through lockdown. Here is a small selection:

Once lock down was lifted a little I was able to do the odd shoot, which I will blog in the next few days. It feels good to be back to work albeit with an 18 month in tow at times. If I can teach him to set up lighting and edit, I could be on to a winner, haha!

Open again for enquiries, I am particularly keen to get back to work with hair stylists and salons. Any way I can help and encourage their businesses to pick up and grow again. Please get in touch via the contact form on social media. I am also looking to do a giveaway for a salon shoot, but I am not quite ready to launch that yet. Watch this space…

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