General Update

I have been doing some work to my website over the past few weeks and I noticed how much I have neglected my blog. So I have given myself a stern talking to and aim to do much better.

So what have I been up to? Well, work wise, I will post some individual shoot stuff over the coming weeks.

Life has shifted significantly, due to the arrival of our first child, Nathan. Being a parent is quite the change, and one we are still adjusting to. I am getting more sleep than I imagined…

Yes that’s what I said, the little chap is quite the legend and sleeps through most nights for around 7-8 hours. I am SO thankful for that.

Photography wise, I have had to become a lot more selective with what I am doing. Particularly the personal work side of things. I have had very little time truth be told. I plan to make a little more time though.

Hair photography is very much the top of my agenda. I really love working with salons and stylist. The creativity is contagious and it makes life much more exciting.

I have also been shooting with some new makeup artists. Keep your eyes open for a few test shoots I have to show off. I also recently shot with a Personal Trainer and I look forward to sharing those images too.

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