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Living Coral – Andrew Smith Hairstylist

Last year Andrew Smith asked me to shoot some images based around the Pantone colour of 2018. We had such success shooting the ‘Ultraviolet’ images we decided to go again this year.  Last week Pantone unveiled the colour of the year 2019 ‘living coral’. 

We knew the colour was imminent, so we had prepared a team including models and makeup artist. As soon as the colour was announced it was a go. Our initial plan was to have two models to show off the colour, but pushing the bar we went for three. 

Andrew had selected some very strong models for this shoot, with the amazing Zavinta from The Hair Desk. She has a very strong flawless look and completely rocked the shoot. She was our short haired female model. Then we had Scott Adams, who has such a strong face. His combination of bone structure and the hair colour was a real winner. Finally we had Maddie Quinn from Profile Models who was longer haired model.

With our models booked, Makeup artist Lee O’driscoll was drafted in to complete the team. With the Living Coral colour being so bright the makeup was clean and minimal to keep the attention on the hair. 

I was using my new Profoto lights for the second time and once again I fell in love with them. They produce such a crisp clean light, lots if images could have been used straight from the camera. I love the flexibility of being able to control them from the air remote on the camera too. It makes my life so much easier. 

My set up was quite a simple one, I had two lights with soft boxes on the background to blow the white background and give me a clean look. Then I had a light directly in-front and above the model with a beauty dish with a sock defuser. Then a soft box low in-front of the model directed towards the body to give a subtle fill light to the shadows. 

Shooting Tethered, we were able to very quickly get the results required and produce one of my strongest pieces of work to date. Check out the Living Coral Collection below.

Hair: Andrew Smith assisted by Cc McNamee
Makeup: Lee O’Driscoll
Models: The Hair Desk & Scott M Adams
Haircare: Milkshake

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