PROCARE Hair Foil Advert

I was recently asked by newly crowned Hampshire stylist of the year Andrew Smith to shoot some images. They were to be used in an advert for a PROCARE Hair Foil advert in HJ magazine. The image needed to show use of colour in hair as the company is leading supplier of Hair Foils for use in colouring hair. I was excited to see what we could create for this advert.Andrew had decided a really white blonde with pink on the ends would look great. Once again he enlisted makeup artist Lee O’Driscoll to complete the dream team. Whilst Andrew worked on the hair and Lee got started with makeup, I set up my lighting in the rear of the salon.Lighting wise, I opted for a slightly more detailed setup. My key light was a large octobox which creates a beautiful soft flattering light. Directly in front and slightly higher I added another light with a beauty dish and grid to create a direct light onto the hair, giving me the shine I wanted. Finally I had strip light to the left and behind the model to give me a slight kick, although i played with this off and on during the shoot. I also had another light to just give the background a kick.Our model was provided by Unite Model Management and was in the form of the lovely Charlie Barr. We shot 3-4 different hair styles before agreeing we had the images required. After sending the images to a client there is always a pause before you find out what they think and if they are going to use them. PROCARE used one in a full page advert in HJ magazine within a few days. I was then also delighted to find out they wanted to use them on their stand at Salon International 2018. They event sent a mockup of how they would look, see below and ive also added a few images of their stand including an image with our model Charlie.





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