Beauty in Blossom

At last the weather is starting to improve! I was out walking my crazy dog (Monty) and came across this mass of blossom on the edge of a nearby woods. With my work commitments and the weather, most of my recent work has been in studio and I couldn’t resist getting out there in the sun. So I put a casting out to the models I have on my social media and made a last minute arrangement. I have been trying to arrange a shoot with Chloe for some time, but our schedules never seemed to work out.My plan was to just have some fun with the shoot and see what happened. I was able to put chloe right in amongst the blossom. Which gave me the opportunity to shoot right in amongst it and use the flowers to frame her. Its nice to get some out of focus flowers in the shot to help frame the subject, it also makes you think about how you can be more creative.Chloe is a dancer as well as a model, so I thought it would be an interesting idea to get her dancing. I opted to shoot some video at the end of the shoot, I love to get some footage for the blog and social media. The images came out great! You can see a few of the images above. The finished video is available below:I am available for commissions for both images and video, get in touch on 07590901488 or email me

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