Chanel Joan Elkayam – London Fashion Week

This year I have forayed into the world of Video. Still working mainly in Hair, however I have been creating short videos with superstar stylist Andrew Smith. He asked me to join his creative team at London Fashion Week to film them in action for the autumn/winter 17 show for Chanel Joan Elkayam. An up and coming star of British Fashion, she has exhibited at Paris, New York (winning an award) and most recently at London Fashion Week.

Having Andrew on board is a real asset for her shows as his team are incredibly passionate and talented. With the support of Cool hair product brand Milkshake UK, they were able to create some supper sleek and classy hair on the models.

This was my first time at London Fashion Week, and it was really interesting. We set out at 6.45am to the big smoke, most sleeping on the journey, apart from the joker of the bunch Tasha Ellen, who spent most of the journey snap-chatting the others whilst they slept. Finally we arrived at Hoxton Arches to find it buzzing with activity. After a quick set-up of tables, mirrors and distributing the relevant Milkshake hair products, the team were ready to go, complete with their new Milkshake Team T-shirts, even I was in one!

My primary job with this video was to capture the team working, which was challenging in the conditions. The preparation room was quite small which meant moving around was tough to achieve. Trying to capture the shots without getting in the way of the hair and makeup guys was difficult to say the least. My new Monopod was a fantastic purchase in these conditions, as I was able to film without the camera being move too much.I also tried to capture the essence of the day, with some fun shots of models getting ready and nervous. I captured some makeup work and of course some footage of the designer Chanel.

Finally the show, which I was wondering how to capture, I needed to be backstage to capture Andrew checking the models over before the show, so thankfully I was able to set a camera up on a tripod and leave Sam (one of the team) to set it recording.

The show was a massive success and I believe Chanel has had great write ups, with mentions going to Andrews hair creations. It was a really memorable day and hope to do more of these in the future.

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