Jessica Tremlett

In May I had the pleasure and luck to shoot with Miss Jessica Tremlett. A blonde bombshell if ever there was one. We had arranged to shoot in Southsea in Portsmouth, and were also working with a new Make-up Artist to me called Neringa Bigé. I picked the pair of them up from the salon where Neringa works and we headed down the sea front.I love to use colour in backgrounds, so my first thought was the blue shutters on the pier, they are a bit grungy from the years of weather and abuse. They worked really well for this shoot as they made Jessica really stand out. Her shock of blonde curls were a real contrast to the bright blue. I wanted to play on the blonde bombshell, so we used Marilyn as reference (naturally) and I encouraged Jessica to play up to the camera. She was very adept at this as you will see in the video below.The next set of images were at a location I had used way back when, for one of my first ever fashion shoots. A wind shelter on the promenade, I wanted her to give lots of attitude, which seemed to come very naturally to her. Check out the images above, and the video below (watch in HD).Jessica Tremlett from David Greensmith on Vimeo.

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