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I finally got to do something I’d wanted to do for a while. I got to shoot in a gym and it was for an awesome local fitness brand called Robor Fitness. The lads at Robor had got in touch with me a few weeks before the shoot. They had a brief to create some images of their products being used for fitness. They also required some clean white background shots of the various items of clothing.We started with the simple white background shots. I was able to shoot in their premises, which is always easier as they have the collection all there available. This needed to be done before we put our model through any punishment in the gym. Nobody wants to see a sweaty model in the clean images. It’s also better for the clothing as there is less chance of dirt and marks from the gym equipment.Our model was a newbie to modelling, Southerly Bower. She took to it like a duck to water, and created some great shapes to show off the garments in the best light. We quickly worked through the items and were ready to move on.A quick car journey to a nearby gym and we were back in action. We moved around the various areas in the gym utilising the machines, weights and fitness accessories available to us. The guys wanted the images to a glossy but realistic feel to them, so unfortunately for Southerly, that meant a bit of a workout. She had to repeatedly do certain exercises to get the best shots and was definitely feeling the burn by the end.As always check out the images at the top of the page. Robor Fitness can be purchased directly via there website: www.roborfitness.comroborfitness

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