Hair Salon Photography – 5 Planning Tips

Over the last few years I have shot with lots of hair salons, most of them had never been involved in a professional photo shoot. Hair Salon Photography is an exciting experience however it can be made better with a little preparation. With this blog I hope to offer some advice that will help you when you are planning a Hair shoot.

  1. The Brief – What do you want to achieve from the shoot? Is there a theme to run through the images? What season is it for, who do you want the images to speak to.
  2. Mood boards – Writing a brief is not the easiest thing to do, some people work better visually. Hit the internet, save images you like. Create a mood board on word/photoshop document. Alternatively you can use Pinterest to create the boards. Pinterest is brilliant as you can have multiple people pinning and a link can be sent rather than large files. Beware of too many people pinning as contradiction can easily happen.
  3. Budget – what is your budget? This is very important factor in creating the best images. When selecting models, makeup artists, styling, as well as the end product, the budget is paramount to your decisions.
  4. Models – What look do they need? What kind of hair (think, thin, colour etc) What do you plan to do to their hair, will it be a radical change? The better standard of model, the better your images will be. What is your budget for them?
  5. End game – Are you planning to use the images printed? digitally? What format and size do you need them. Know if you need landscape or portrait images is important information when creating the images. Will you be adding text to the images and how would you like it to look. Create a mock up, even if only on a notepad. If you have a graphic designer, bring them into the meetings.

There is a lot to think about with Hair Salon Photography before even picking up a pair of scissors or camera, but preparation is key. The more prepared you are for a shoot, without doubt the better the photos will be. Click here to see the various Hair Salon Photography I offer. I will be writing a case study from a hair salon shoot to show how the whole process works, this will be available in the next week. Until then, thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on social media or via the contact section. 

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