Grace Levy

Miss Universe GB 2014 – Grace Levy

I have no idea how I didn’t blog this shoot earlier in the year. #facepalm! Last December just before the turn of the year I was working with the amazing Grace Levy following her crowing as Miss Universe GB 2014. She was in preparation to travel to Miami to compete in the Miss Universe competition. This was the third time I had shot with Grace. The previous two time had provided me with fantastic images, so I was excited to get her into the studio again. The aim of the session was to get some new images to promote herself with at the competition, but also to get a shot of her wearing her showpiece outfit.With the ideas sorted, I had enlisted the help of Hair and Makeup Artist Lydia Pilbrow. We wanted a flawless look which Lydia had no problem creating as Grace’s skin is fantastic. So we go straight into the shoot with her showpiece outfit, which was a tribute to the Queens guard. For this shot I had to backlight the outfit slightly to put some separation between the black hat and the black background.We then moved onto some swimwear/bikini shots. These shots were very important due to the hard work and incredible tone in Grace’s figure. A lot of hard work had clearly gone into being in that shape, so it was important to get the lighting spot on. Swimwear was kindly provided by Amour Luxury Swimwear, LA.Finally once we had completed shooting swimwear, we spoke to Grace about doing something more creative. We decided gold was the subject of the images, so Lydia got to work with glitter and gold makeup. Grace had a beautiful gold dress and jewellery which all came together to create the beautiful images.Grace LevyGrace Levy Grace Levy Grace Levy Grace Levy Grace Levy Grace LevyI love working with beautiful people and people don’t get much more beautiful than those in beauty pageants. I am available for commissions by those looking to compete in the various competitions out there. I can help your chances, proof is out there as I have worked with winners. If you are interested in booking, get in touch via email or by phone 07590901488.

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