Charlotte Robertson

Shooting a Champion

In one of my previous blog posts I talked about a shoot with some pole fitness dancers. That shoot came about through my connection with the awesome aerial acrobat Siobhan Johnstone, who introduced me to an equally awesome person in Charlotte Robertson. Charlotte was supposed to be taking part in the group shoot with the girls that she and her team teach. However she had been pulled away to do something awesome abroad. Fortunately for me, she was still very game to shoot some images when she was free. This shoot was the first one of 2015.Charlotte Robertson had recently won a national competition and was UK Pole Professional champion. It was easy to see why she had won as her ability, strength and creativity were outstanding. She has recently won the Elite category in the same competition this year so, congratulations Charlotte!I decided to keep this shoot pretty simple in terms of lighting as I wanted to highlight how good she was without using creative lighting. I decided a grey background would be perfect. Lighting was two lights either side of her with grids to refine the spread of light (always good for body and muscle tone)The poses were all Charlotte, as I have much less knowledge of correct form and positioning than the champ. I was able to stand back and snap away whilst she did the hard work. It is pretty hard work too, the strength required to do some of these poses is ridiculous. Charlotte being the hulk that she is, made it look effortless, I’m just happy she didn’t turn green ?I am really happy with what we produced on this shoot, and have plans for early next year to shoot again. Something more creative next time, however for now check out my favourite images from the shoot:Charlotte Robertson Charlotte Robertson Charlotte Robertson Charlotte Robertson Charlotte Robertson Charlotte Robertson Charlotte Robertson crJan15-41I am available for commissions for aerial, pole and acrobats of any level. I take books from individuals as well as groups. To enquire about a shoot and rates get in touch on email or call 07590 901488.

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