Louise Croft

Louise Croft – Fashion Blogger and Model

I am making an attempt to try and catch up with my blog. Having listed out the potential shoots I haven’t shown off, my list currently stands at around 40 to work through. So I thought I would start at the top. This shoot took place a year ago in December 2014, the subject of the shoot was Louise Croft, who I had been in contact with for quite some time before finding a convenient moment for us to put a shoot together. Louise is a fashion blogger who specialises in thrifty buying. She has a blog called Pauper to Princess, check her site out for her secrets and tips for buying couture in charity shops!For this shoot we wanted a simple high fashion feel to the images, so i went to my go to grey background. Lighting was a simple one light setup as that was all that was required to bring out the look I wanted. As for the styling, I handed the reigns back to Louise for that, she knows her style and what she likes. True to form majority of her clothing was sourced on her thrifty shopping trips.The looks were a real variation, from cool casual, to edgy, to fairytale boho. The number of looks she put together from her case of clothing was fantastic. Check out some of my favourite images from the session. I am looking to collaborate with Louise Croft more in the coming months, when she comes back from travelling. Keep an eye out for new and exciting projects coming in the new year.Louise Croft Louise Croft Louise Croft Louise Croft Louise Croft Louise Croft Louise CroftI am always looking for creatives to work and collaborate with, so whatever your industry or specialism, get in touch. Contact me on email dg@davidgreensmith.co.uk or call me on 07590 901488

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