Isabelle L

Burlesque Performer Photography

In this shoot I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Isabelle L’Amour. A burlesque performer who very much lives the burlesque/vintage life. I collected her and her partner/manager and comedian Alex from the local train station on their return leg of a performance somewhere north (everywhere is north from here.) This shoot was the result of many conversations over a period of time.As Isabelle had been to a performance, she had plenty of outfits and props with her however I wanted to keep things simple and opted for basic outfits with the occasional feather boa. I really love those classic hollywood shots in black and white, so I tried to emulate them in the first of my shots.burlesque photographer UKburlesque photographer UK burlesque photographer UK burlesque photographer UK burlesque photographer UK burlesque photographer UKI then shot a few images where the styling was more modern and fashion based. I loved this image but quickly moved on to the next and final setup.burlesque photographer UKIsabelle runs a burlesque show called the Blue Moon Revue, and with this in mind, my next idea was something a bit more out there. I set up lighting including something with a blue gel to give the accent the shot. I then set up a series of images where she was sat and lying ready for me to composite. I digitally created a moon and stars in the night sky and composited her into the shot. The blue gels really helped to make this shot work and created something quite striking. Check out my favourite three images of this look:Isabelle L'amour UKIsabelle L'amour UKIsabelle L'amour UKI love working with people who have interesting jobs and outlooks on life. It completely makes my work more interesting and its part of the reason I even do this. Burlesque Performer Photography is just another string in my bow and I hope to shoot with Isabelle and more performers in the future. I am available for commissions, so if you would like some images to promote with, get in touch.I also received some great feedback from them too: “Great attitude, great direction and incredibly professional towards models. Very good turnaround on proofs, too. Plays great music on set. Highly recommended.”

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