Student Head Shots

Student Head shots

One of the many services I offer is head shots, generally the service is taken up by actors and dancers. For this service I also offer a discounted rate for students. I do this as I remember how tough it is being a student and trying to live on nothing. I also offer this as many universities who offer acting, dancing and performance related courses now require a professional head shot.This shoot was one of those cases, Becky approached me as she is applying to various Unis and needed said head shot to be included in the applications. She wanted a simple but classy studio session. I generally opt for Grey backgrounds when shooting head shots as they are keep the attention completely on the subject without affecting the mood of the image.After meeting Becky, it was clear she was a happy, bubbly young lady and it didn’t seem quite right to make her to straight faced in the shots. Hence most of her shots she is smiling and the images she chose were the smiling shots.I always offer the use of a makeup artist for head shots, after all these shots could be the difference between getting an audition or interview and not. Even with really clear skin a good makeup artist makes a massive difference.Student Head Shots Head Shots Hampshire University Application Head Shots Head Shots with Student DiscountI am available for bookings, to view my rates and get further details please visit my Actor & Dancer Head shot Page. I can shoot either in a space you have available or at somewhere of my arranging. My studio is completely mobile, so I can go anywhere. If you would like to book, get in touch via email or call me on 07590 901488

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