Aerial Acrobatics with Siobhan Johnstone

This shoot I was able to combine one of my favourite models and favourite locations. It doesn’t sound like too much of a big deal, until you realise that Siobhan’s skills require her to be suspended via her Silks or a Hoop. When shooting on the beach, this is somewhat problematic!The shoot came about from an image that Siobhan had posted on Facebook, she was teaching some people to do silks on the beach. She was on a tripod like construction and I thought; I’ve got to shoot that! A few messages later, it was all set.I met Siobhan at her house, where I found she had enlisted the services of her long-suffering boyfriend to drive the van and help set up the rig. A service I was quite glad of when we got there. Although the poles are not that heavy, there are 9 sections so it would have been a work out carrying them.Once at the beach the rig was quickly setup and we were into the shoot, I had positioned myself on the edge of the sand dunes to give myself a slightly elevated view. This allowed me to crop out the beach and make her appear over the water.Siobhan had opted for some outfits that were a little different to her normal performance outfits. They proved to be difficult at times to perform in, and the wind on the beach was not helping. I did manage to catch some shots in the white dress though, before the straps broke.Next up was a playsuit that also caused a few problems with the silks, however we got a couple of great shots. Finally we moved on to swimwear, no problems in terms of the outfit, however with so much skin exposed it was limiting to what Siobhan was able to do without suffering material burns.The swimwear was once again from Amour Swimwear based in LA and made up the final shoot for them. I was also able to shoot a stunning short video. The video highlights just how windy it was on the day. It was quite a gutsy performance from Siobhan to create these shots.SJJul14-7 SJJul14-39 SJJul14-84 SJJul14-115 SJJul14-159 SJJul14-161 SJJul14-170 SJJul14-174 SJJul14-176

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