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an introduction to modelling

Modelling is a very underrated skill; most people think it’s easy! “All they do is stand in front of the camera and pull a pose.” There is an element of truth to the statement, however it’s far from easy. A model needs to know their angles and how to hold them selves. They need to be able contort themselves into uncomfortable positions in order to get the best poses. Try it for yourself and you will find out, it’s not as easy as it looks.This being said, I am always willing to help those who want to learn. I don’t limit whom I shoot with in a model portfolio session, but I will always be honest about somebodies chances. This latest shoot, I was contacted by the models grandmother. She wanted to give her an experience into the world of modelling, but also to give her a confidence boost.Megan, who is 15, turned up to the shoot, looking slightly worried and clearly quite nervous. Can’t say I was surprised, after all she had never done a photo shoot. They had requested a makeup artist and stylist for the shoot, so I brought in my trusted team to help make her look great. A good makeup artist is a great confidence boost for any model, however at 15 when you are a bit awkward in yourself, it is essential. Because of her age, we wanted her look to be very natural and were keen to avoid her looking too much older.Once Megan’s makeup was complete, we started with headshots. I always do this with a new model, as it’s a simple way to start. They don’t need to think about the posture, or how their body looks. After a nervy start, she started to get the hang of changing her pose. Our makeup artist is also a model, so she was able to help show her how to move and change between the shots. We even managed to get her laughing.For the next shots my lovely stylist Nicki, had arranged her outfits and we went through several different looks, teaching her and coaxing her to pose. Safe to say, the longer the shoot continued, the more confident she became. In the final look we changed the lighting to something a bit harsher, which is more challenging to model. Megan, however did really well and I think they were my favourites from the session. She should be really proud of her efforts on the day and I hope she continues to model.Here are some shot from the session: learn to model Model Portfolios an introduction to modelling Modelling Courses Model Portfolios Southampton I am available for model portfolio sessions, my session fee is £125 and additional extras such as makeup artists and Stylists are available for an additional fee. To enquire or book get in contact by phone on 07590 901488 or email dg@davidgreensmith.co.uk

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