Amour Swimwear

Since setting up professionally as a photographer, I always find myself shooting swimwear. Probably due to my close proximity to some of the best beaches in the UK. I had recently been talking to a swimwear brand based in LA, USA called Amour Swimwear. They were obviously impressed with my work as they sent me some swimwear to shoot with this summer, and this was the first of a few photo shoots that I had set up. The model in these images is somebody I have been trying to organise something with for some time. Due to her studies she is hard to pin down, however she’s is as beautiful as smart.The shoot led me a little further afield than normal and I headed to Littlehampton, where I met Isabella the model and Makeup artist extraodinaire Lee Williams. We were able to use a static caravan/holiday home that her family owns to prepare her. We then headed down to the beach.Our first set of images and probably my favourite, was shot in amongst the sand dunes. As per usual the day that I was shooting the weather had a blip and it wasn’t the sun that I was hoping for. It did however make the shots a little moodier and softer. Here is a few of my favourites:Amour Swimwear Amour Swimwear Amour Swimwear Amour Swimwear Amour SwimwearA quick change into the next swimsuit and as you can see the weather was turning sour on us. I managed to shoot some moody shots a couple of which are below: Amour Swimwear Amour SwimwearFor the final look we used one of Isabellas bikinis which lent itself very well to the dark and moody conditions we were experiencing, the shot below is my favourite, i love how the wind is blowing her hair all over.Amour SwimwearJust as we were leaving the sun came out so we quickly shot some on images on the remaining sand, as the tide was fast coming in. The sun gave me a very high key look the shots and they are quite beautiful I think. Check them out:Amour Swimwear Amour SwimwearI love shooting on the beach and you will see quite a few more blog posts from me about my shoots for Amour Swimwear. They are clearly happy with the results as they have just confirmed some more are on their way to me. Happy days.

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