Travellers Paradise

Travellers Paradise – Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Editorial

This is the final of my three editorials shot in Portugal, entitled Travellers Paradise. The theme was initially Moroccan inspired, however we decided that it represented all of those people who go travelling in gap years or after university. It shows how other cultures influences and fashions can be included within our own. This was the brightest and boldest of our three editorials.With a combination of bright colours, tribal patterns and headwear, this editorial really stands out. Unlike the other two editorials, this didn’t feature any early morning shots. In fact most of them were shot in the afternoon and evening. I wanted the shots to have a much warmer feel. Although shooting at this time has it hazards as the models found out with bugs on the trees. It was also very hot. Our models were troopers, especially when walking between locations in their outfits. They definitely turned a few heads, which is always a good indicator that we are doing something different.The town we were shooting in, is a real treasure trove of locations, there are so many little nooks and crannies. Every time you go down a different road, there is something interesting. We were able to find some great walls and gates that worked particularly well. Published this weekend in Jute Magazine Issue XI, click this link to see Travellers Paradise in the mag. You can also see the full set of images below, as well as the behind the scenes video.Travellers Paradise Travellers Paradise Travellers Paradise Travellers Paradise Fashion Photographer London Fashion Photographer UK Portugal Fashion Photographer International Fashion Photographer UK Travellers Paradise Travellers Paradise Fashion Photographer UK Fashion Editorial Photographer Travellers Paradise Travellers Paradise Travellers ParadiseBehind the scenes Video

Travellers Paradise Credits:

Styling: What Alice Found (Nicki Grainger assisted by Verity Cooper)Makeup: Taz BayleyModels: Monika Rys & Natalie Donnelly.Photography and Video: David Greensmith.Clothing: The Attic Vintage, Dancing Leopard, What Alice Found, Loja Chines Luz, Asos, Primark.

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