Bohemian Dream

Bohemian Dream – Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Editorial

Bohemian Dream is the first of three Fashion Editorial shot in Portugal last October. Our story started around a pub table after the Lionesses shoot. The idea came about when one of us said; wouldn’t it be great to take a couple of models and go and shoot abroad. Within half an hour we had crafted an idea and the ball was rolling. Flights were checked, and we managed to get accommodation sorted too.The next part of our quest was to find models who would want to come. This proved harder than expected due to the short notice of the trip. However we eventually managed to find two, who were Monika Rys and Natalie Donnelly. We also had a bit of trouble finding a makeup artist until the Talented Taz Bayley Stepped up. So with our travel party organised, we booked our flights. Our next strep was to decided on the editorial ideas we wanted to shoot. With some research in to future trends, we decided our first editorial would be based on a Bohemian theme.Our Fashion stylist were What Alice Founds Nicki Grainger, assisted by Verity Cooper. They set about finding some great outfits both from Vintage sources, high street brands as well as some designers. We were lucky enough to have a dress designed specifically for our shoot by a talented designer called Lisa Pothecary. With all of our styling sorted, we were off. This took place in about a 5-6 week period.Flying from Bournemouth we flew economy with Ryanair (very economy) but it was trouble free, arriving in Faro around Midnight. After an connecting minibus ride to our Villa, we met up with Natalie who had flown from Glasgow and arrived earlier in the day. Once everyone was introduced it was to bed and a relatively early start to day 1.First thing Nicki, and I scouted a few locations for the shots, as well as collecting some supplies. When shooting Fashion Editorial, its important to check out the options before doing anything, however we were restricted with time, so I only had a quick look round. I would have to scout whilst on shooting for other locations.Our Fashion editorial, was entitled Bohemian Dream, and would be a cross between beach/swimwear and summery looks with a bit of a hippy look. Our looks started with designer dresses by Lisa Pothecary, Kimi Legler and Dearest Jackdaw. We then moved into some more high street brands such as H&M, all mixed with some select items from What Alice Founds Vintage Boutique.

The Finished Fashion Editorial – Bohemian Dream

Fashion Editorial Bohemian Dream Bohemian Dream Fashion Editorial Fashion Editorial Fashion Editorial Fashion Editorial Bohemian Dream Bohemian Dream Fashion Editorial Fashion Editorial Fashion Editorial Fashion EditorialThis was our first major foray into behind the scenes video. We acquired a small Sony HD camcorder, so we could pass it to anyone. This meant somebody could be filming nearly all of the time. I was able to craft a small behind the scenes video to give a feel our trip and how this Fashion Editorial was created.


Keep an eye out for the future posts with the other two Fashion editorials in the next week or so. Love to hear your thoughts on our first shoot abroad.

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