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Cubism Beauty

The last two shoots I did with Roxie Morgan were the final looks for her Cubism project. I really like these images due to the colours. In order to bring out the colours in the makeup, however without spending out a fortune on the backgrounds I decided to use some Gels that I had acquired some time ago. Using Gels is something pretty new to me, however having seen some ideas on the internet, I decided it was worth a go.I set the gels up using my flash gun in connection with my Bowens Studio lighting. The best thing about using a speed light as the background light is the small size of it, makes it very easy to hide behind the subject. I used Velcro dots to secure the gels to the flashgun.For most of the looks we were shooting with the lovely Angel Knight, who has great skin and piercing blue eyes. She was the ideal canvas for makeup looks as her strong features just compliment the colours and looks created. Here are some of the best shots:Cubism Makeup Cubism Makeup Cubism Makeup Cubism Makeup Cubism MakeupThe next shot was Roxie’s cousin who also does a great impression of being a model. She’s not actually a working model, however she could quite easily be. Once again she has great skin and facial features, making her ideal for this. Cubism Makeup Cubism Makeup Cubism MakeupThese were the last of the looks created for Roxies final major project, and were collected together in a book. The work has been handed in now, and I hope she gets a fantastic mark, she really deserves it with all the hard work and effort she put in. Im proud to have been involved and of the work we have created. If you are interested in Roxie’s work and ideas, check out her blog for this project: LINK

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