UV Photo Shoot

Cubism UV Beauty Shoot

For the second shoot with Roxie Morgan we were shooting in studio to create something a bit different. We were shooting with UV Light and paint, which was completely new to me. Its always fun trying to shoot in conditions where you cannot really see anything. We had to shoot in the evening when it was dark in order to get the level of darkness required to get the full effect.There was a certain amount of trial and error involved in shooting this, my light meter was pretty much useless due to the type of light, so I had to guess settings and adjust them accordingly. Thankfully we are in the digital era or this would have been a very expensive and lengthy process.We started with Roxie applying the UV Make-up with the lights on, which in itself is not that easy as it doesn’t show as clearly, so we had to check every so often with the uv light to see how she was getting on. It became clear that it was very much easier to apply the make-up with the lights off and the UV bulb on. So working in more or less total darkness has its challenges.Once we had the first look applied, i set about getting my camera settings right. I had to use a high ISO to allow for the lack of light, then change shutter settings to find a correct exposure. With the right settings dialled in, it was decided that the look really wasn’t enough, so Roxie went to town and applied more makeup and looks using her fingers as the brushes were not creating the right effect.We shot that look and then changed the make-up again, this time using a splattering technique to give us a completely different look. Here are some of the best images and also the video:UV Cubism Uv Beauty Shoot UV Cubism UV Photography UV Makeup Photo shoot UV Photo Shoot

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