Milk photo Shoot

Cubism Milk Shoot

I’ve been working with Roxie for several years now, on projects for my own portfolio and also for her BA Hons degree at Southampton Solent Uni. For her final major project she approached me to shoot a series of images that related to her chosen subject of cubism.Our first shoot was shot in the back garden of Roxie’s student house, the idea was to have the model coming out of the background, so for this we used milk. literally litres and litres of it, enough to fill a paddling pool! Then our model was placed head and shoulders into the milk, and we shot her from above.The shoot was not without its complications, not only was it cold as you would expect in March, but it was also blustery and trying to keep the lights in place as well as stay on top of the ladder was challenging to say the least.Our model was a real trooper and didn’t moan once, despite the fact she was clearly shivering, to the point where she was creating ripples in the milk. Three looks later we were finished. Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot:Milk photo Shoot Milk Cubism Photoshoot in Milk Cubism MakeupJust a couple of behind the scenes shots, to show how glamorous it is being a model and photographer!milk milk2

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