Model Portfolio Photo shoot – Charlotte Chase

I am often contacted by people who are looking to get into the world of modelling. Usually looking for some experience and good quality images, I try to take on a few of these shoots as you never know when you are going to find a gem. For this model Portfolio shoot, I was working with model Charlotte Chase. She had done a small amount of modelling, but a while back. She was looking to build her confidence and create some images to build a new portfolio. She also bears and uncanny resemblance to Emma Stone.I enlisted the help of my friend and Make-up artist, Rachael. We decided on a suitable location to give her a range of different looks, as it was set to be a nice day, we decided a sea front location would be great. Once the make-up was complete, we headed into Portsmouth.Modelling is a form of exhibitionism, you really need to like having peoples attention. Especially when you have 10 or so burly firemen looking on from about 100 metres away. After the initial shyness, Charlotte found some confidence and started to give us some good poses.Posing on the walls of Portsmouth is probably not the easiest place if you don’t like heights, fortunately that wasn’t an issue in this shoot. So we were able to have her stood up with the blue sky behind her. Once we had finished these shots, it was back to the car for a quick change (for Charlotte, not me ;) )Our next location was under the walls and in some arches, which are frequented by photographers as they are just brilliant for framing models and posing in. they are open one side, so it allows the light in and creates nice shadows. I wanted to show how tall Charlotte is, so we had a bit of fun and made her Catwalk through the arches, which she did really well, and with an occasional audience.We also shot some lying down shots on the bench, she could really stretch out on there, to show off her figure and create interesting shapes.Finally we shot some close up images, it was quite windy down on the sea front, so I was able to get some shots with her hair moving around and eventually got one that I was really happy with. Here are some of the images from the session:Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer Portsmouth Fashion photographer PortsmouthI am available for model portfolio shoots, prices and packages can be found on this link. Alternatively you can contact me direct on or call 07590 901488.

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