Glamour Photography – Karla

Last week I was shooting with model and pit girl, Karla Saunders. I wanted to shoot some sexier images that were a bit darker and moodier than some of my recent work. I set up studio in my usual place, using a simple black duvet cover for the background. I’ve been meaning to order a black backdrop but never got round to it, so for this shoot i had to make due. As a rule I don’t do glamour photography to the extent of most photographers. I’m keen for the models to not give too much away and allow imaginations to do the rest.Karla arrived with a variety of outfits for the shoot, however we decided we would shoot some topless but with everything covered. My makeup artist for the day, the very Talented Lee Williams, used some oil to slick her skin a bit, and give her the nice shine when the lights hit her. Along with some careful placement of lights I was able to show her muscle definition, resulting in probably my favourite glamour image to date. The image has been well appreciated by her followers too, racking up 303 fb likes and 20 comments in a matter of hours. They either like the photography or the model ;)We moved on to shoot some images with more clothing and used a lace body to add some texture to the image. Check out a few of my favourite images:Glamour Photography Glamour Photographer UK Glamour Photography UK Fashion PhotographerModel: Karla SaundersMakeup: Lee Williams aka After Hours Makeup.I am available for commissions, whether it is fashion, glamour or just a beautiful portrait. Check out my services by clicking here. You can also contact me via email dg@davidgreensmith.co.uk or give me a call on 07590 901488. I use social media a lot also, so feel free to follow me on twitter @dgreensmith or on FB www.facebook.com/davidgreensmithphotography/Check back soon, as I have lots of work to show off over the coming weeks.

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