Hair Photography – The Green Room Salon

I was approached last year to shoot some Hair photography images for the Green Room Salon in Southsea. The brief they gave me was they wanted some images to show off the colour and styling skills available in salon.In order to do this I decided that a simple background would be best to keep attention on the subject and grey was ideal as it would not take away from the colour of the hair. When shooting this kind of work I try to work around my clients as much as possible and its often easier to shoot in the salon than at a separate studio. This eliminates the need for transporting styling equipment. Its much simpler for me to arrive when majority of the styling has been completed.I arrived at the salon to find most of the styling work was nearly completed, so I was able to set up and start shooting nearly straight away. For this Hair Photography shoot I opted for a simple lighting setup. One light on the background and another to light the model. I will always keep things simple in terms of lighting where possible.Each model had a separate stylist and so we were able to fit two looks for each model into the hair photography session. It was really interesting to see how they managed to change the style quickly but into something so different. Here are some of the edited images from the shoot:[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”6″]hair-photographyhair-photographyhair-photographyhair-photography[/col][col size=”6″]hair-photographyhair-photographyhair-photographyhair-photography[/col][/row]I find myself shooting hair photography more and more, which is great as there is lots of possibilities for creativity. I hope to be shooting more with the Green Room this year.CreditsModels:

  • Helen Stephens
  • Izzy Marsh
  • India
  • Nicole Dawn Sarsons

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