Model Test Shoot Southampton

As part of working with Models, you never know what a model is going to be like when you first work with them. All you have to go on is there existing work and how they are when you talk to them. So due to this when considering new models it is the normal for most photographers to do a Test shoot with the model to see how they pose and move. Its also a good chance to get some rapport going with the model, which really helps when you are asking them to pose in awkward ways and in high pressure situations, It’s also good for Portfolio building excercises. In this shoot I was working with Monika, whos work I had come across on one of the model networks, so I asked her if she would agree to a test and she kindly did. 

I had seen this location on my travels and been looking for an opportunity to shoot here. As it wasnt to far from where Monika lives I decided this was the perfect opportunity. After a bit of communication prior to the shoot I was able to pick Monika up and drive us to the location, once there she had a varied array of outfits and i wanted something quite classy, I had asked her to bring some Monochrome (black and white) outfits. The first set of shots was using this outfit, which really flattered her figure and worked well with the location. As you will see from the images the weather was quite changeable and went from dark and overcast to very bright a lot, this gave me a good range of different looks. 

Model Portfolio Shoot SouthamptonModel Test SouthamptonmrSep13-163Model Portfolio SessionFashion Portfolio Shoot

The second series of shots are somewhat sexier in conception, after seeing her pose it was very clear that Monika can do many different looks but she is very sexy and i thought it would be good to do some images to show that. She changed into a swimsuit and some very tight shorts and we shot the next set of images. I think they are very striking and so did most of the passing motorist who had trouble concentrating on the road. 

Glossy Glamour Portfolio Shoot Location Glamour Photo Shoot Sexy Fashion ShootGlamour Model Test Glamour Portfolio Shoot

These were just a few test images to see what Monika could do and there was no doubt she is a fantastic model and on the strength of this shoot I had quite a few plans to use her in the future. I test quite often so if you are interested in doing a test or would like to book me for a portfolio shoot get in touch on 07590 901488 or email me

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