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Pride of Lionesses

About 6 Months ago I began to hatch an idea with some of my creative team for a series of images based around Safari and Rainforest Creatures. The initial idea was to shoot some hair and beauty shots using the animals as inspiration. Whilst this was in the planning process I started working with some very talented Stylists and when i mentioned the ideas, it became a whole new beast. We started with this shoot which is based on a Pride of Lions, well Lionesses in our case. Styled in hair, makeup and fasions to within an inch of their lives :)

Having been planning this shoot for such a long time, you can imagine my dissappointment that the day we had planned it decided to be possibly the worst sunday of the summer! I had problems with most aspects of the shoot including finding and keeping the models, locations; I had a perfect one but the week before they cut all the long grass down! After some stressing and a bit of help from my awesome team, we managed to sort everything!

3 1/2 hours of hair and makeup anyone? Well thats what the ladies endured to look so awesome, they were great fun and all got into the spirit! Lots of Roaring going on in the background. They stylist had outfits ready for each of the girls and quickly had them looking like animals!

Then it was 20 minute drive in convoy to the location, must be quite a sight as the they drove there. I had them roaring at me in the rear view mirror which was brilliant, nearly crashed from laughing. Once at the location we were quickly into the shoot, we needed to be quick as the weather was very threatening, as you can see from the video. We literally managed to shoot in the only hour that had little rain. We just had to endure a minutes shower with us all hiding under umbrellas.

The shoot went off without a hitch in the end, apart from scaring a few dogs on their afternoon dog walk… Thank you everyone, this came out better than i could have imagined, bring on the next shoot! Images are below:

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Styling: What Alice found aka Nicki Grainger & Verity Cooper

Makeup: Rachael Holmes

Hair: Tasha Ellen

Video: I think everyone had a go at some point!

Models: Katie Heron, Charlie G Simpson, Alexandra Hansler, Taz Keens, Katy Jo Godfrey.

Keep your eyes open for the next installment!

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