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Scott Massey Couture – Little Black Distress

A couple of weeks ago I was shooting for Scott Massey Couture. I got chatting to Scott a while back and his capsule collection; Little Black Distress, had be on my to do list for a while. After attempts at getting the shoot sorted we finally found a date that everyone could do. Albeit we lost a couple of models along the way. 

The collection comprised of 5 dresses all based around your standard little black dress, but then infused with Scotts Passion for Japanese culture and style. In this particular collection he took inspiration from Harajuku. Scott had asked me to make the shoot quite dark and interesting, originally i was looking for a location to shoot this on. I wanted a sleepy hollow kind of feel. However it would seem that in deepest darkest Hampshire, a location like that truely doesnt exist (to my knowledge.)

So having decide a simple studio setup might work best, I arranged with everyone for a sunday. On this shoot we had quite the team of people including three models (should have been 5) a makeup artist and three hair stylists. Not to mention Scott keeping an eye over the proceedings, and helping with the styling. 

These are some of my favourite Images from the shoot, check them out and feel free to comment at the bottow.

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Dresses: Scott Massey Couture

Makeup: Taz Bayley

Hair: Tasha Ellen , Betty Bob Westerman & Melissa Louise O’loughlin

Models: Janina Guthrie, Katie Heron & Abigale Deeprose

Feedback from Scott Massey:

“As a freelance designer just starting a label, high quality portfolio shots are crucial, and this is exactly what I got from David Greensmith Photography. From our first chat on Model Mayhem, David worked closely with me in developing ideas, and we quickly built up a very strong photo shoot concept.

We planned the shoot through a series of chats about every detail; from hair and makeup, to lighting and mood. As someone who is relatively new to photography, I found the mood boards and concept descriptions I was sent immensely helpful, and easy to understand.

The final photo shoot went extremely well; the pictures turned out exactly as I had envisioned in the planning stages. As I was present for the shoot, I was given the opportunity to fine tune the look of the shots, but David and his creative team work to such a high standard, I really didn’t need to do much more than stand back and admire their work.

The images I received will be invaluable in growing my business, and I would highly recommend David Greensmith Photography to any other creative professionals looking for professional-level shots for their portfolio.”


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