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Apparel Fashion Shoot – NDsync T-Shirts, Southampton, UK

Last Wednesday I was doing an apparel Fashion shoot for a new T-shirt Brand from Southampton called NDsync. This is their first range of t-shirts, and will be on sale shortly. The brief for the images was to look urban but cool. I initially was planning to do this apparel fashion shoot in Gosport at the abandoned concrete jungle, however I found another location. This one had lots of potential and gave me a few different options for the shots.For the apparel fashion shoot my original female model was very unfortunate and got injured in a motorbike accident, she is fine however couldnt do the shoot. So I drafted in Hannah who I had shot a few weeks ago in a hair shoot, to fill the female model spot. Along with Paul Flores they both turned up ready to shoot at the location.Whilst in Makeup, I was able to have a chat with Dan from NDsync about which locations would be best for the apparel fashion shoot to suit his brand image. We were interupted somewhat by around 10 horse and traps, which managed to block half of the location so I was only able to shoot in certain directions. The light was perfect for the apparel fashion shoot as we were shooting around 7-8pm, i chose this time as the weather had been good and at sunset the warmth of light is fantastic. Its very important to predict where natural light will be when working on location, whether its for an apparel fashion shoot or any other type of photography, it has the biggest impact on the look of the images.I moved around the location and shot in a few different places, whilst we were shooting there was a group of lads watching on, occaisionally doing the odd stunt on the skatepark. So I thought it would be great to get some action in the background of this apparel fashion shoot, one of the guys agreed to help, we gave him a t-shirt to wear and he was happily doing stunts around the models. I was able to get him and the models all in shot to create something different.Finally I wanted to move them out of the location and onto some long grass nearby just to give another option. I was even able to do a cheeky little video of the apparel fashion shoot. Check out some of the images and the video. T-shirt Fashion Commercial T-Shirt Fashion Urban T-shirt Fashion Apparel Fashion Shoot T-shirt Fashion Shoot UK Fashion Shoot Fashion Shoot Portsmouth

NDsync Clothing, Southampton UK from David Greensmith on Vimeo.NDsync has just launched its website and its first collection of T-shirts are available to buy with immediate effect. There are three designs focused around a Pool 8 ball design, all of the designs can be seen in this apparel fashion shoot.This is the first of many apparel fashion shoot for NDsync, and i cant wait for their future designs.

Apparel Fashion Shoot for NDsync credits are as follows:

Clothing & Styling: NDsync, UKModels: Hannah Temperley & Paul FloresPhotography & Video: David Greensmith

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