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Fitness Fashion Photography with Siobhan Johnstone

Thursday, 6am and I was in the car and on my way to Bournemouth beach. I was shooting with Aerial Acrobat and all round, ripped model Siobhan Johnstone. I had wanted to shoot some fitness fashion for quite some time, and when she asked if we could I was delighted to oblige. Why so early I hear you ask, well its very simple, its just so bright and hot in the day, the images wouldn’t look good. I am quite restricted to shooting early or late in the day when in these conditions.

We met at 7am by Boscombe pier, where we headed off down the beach. Our shoot started with a gentle warm up for Siobhan, a bit of jogging up and down the sea front, glad it was her and not me doing the jogging! We then moved onto some simple posed shots to show muscle tone. Then it goes a little crazy with handstands, the splits, backflips and various exercises. Once again glad I didn’t have to do any of them, I would definitely have hurt myself. The guys putting a gazebo up on the beach were highly impressed by her abilities.

After some amazing stuff from Siobhan and we moved back up to the edge of the beach to shoot on a seating area. These were more fashion style shots than the fitness shots we had been doing but I wanted to give a contrast in looks.

Here are some of my favourite images from my early morning Fitness Fashion Shoot, I have also done some video, which I will add once I have got round to editing it. 

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