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Tailoring – Menswear Fashion Shoot

These are shots from my third and final Menswear Fashion Shoot for stylist Haylie Grimes. For this shoot, Haylie had managed to get us access to shoot in Antico Restuarant and Hotel, in Southampton. We were quite fortunate as this is one of finer establishments in Southampton. With two models once again were arrived pretty early to set up and shoot. The theme of the shoot was Tailoring, Haylie had once again got a great selection of outfits ready and we were quickly into the shoot.

Our first series of shots were done by the bar area, the venue was very light so I was able to use the natural light, and keep a more authenic feel. We then moved on to shoot outside the restaurant, on the leather sofas and finally into a suite which they had kindly given us access to.

We wanted the images to have a very expensive feel to them and the location allowed us to do that. I particularly like the shots on the sofa and in the suite. I think they have a slight feel of Mad Men to them, which was unexpected but a welcome. Only one of them models had any experience but he is not normally a fashion model, its a credit to them though as you cant tell. They both did a great job.

Check out some of the images below:

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