1920s Great Gatsby Shoot

The Great Gatsby – 1920s Inspired Makeup Shoot

Third and most recent shoot with Roxie Morgan (Make-up Artist) and this idea was based around 3 points of Myrtle Wilson from The Great Gatsby. The 1920s look is quite a stylised one and we wanted to try and get as close to this as possible. The three scenes show Myrtle getting ready to go out and chatting on the phone, then the despair of being left and finally her demise after being hit by a car. NOTE: No models were harmed in the production of these shots ;-) 

Roxie takes full credit for the hair, makeup and styling in this shoot and she did a fantastic job. Model in this shoot was the lovely Miss Lucy Durow, who has a really stunning face and whatever theme you give her, she looks fantastic. 

The shoot took place in Hayling Island in an outhouse of a 1900’s building. The lighting is all natural which was helped by the fact it was a very bright sunny day.

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I really love these shots, they are some of my favourites! Released timed beautifully with the release of the Great Gatsby film. Love to hear you thoughts on the images, so comment below! 

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