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Nautical Vs Neutral – Menswear Fashion Photographer

This is the second of the three Menswear Fashion shoots with Stylist Haylie Grimes. The theme of this shoot was Nautical vs Neutral, basically nautical and Neutral Fashion trends mixed together. For this shoot we were working on location at Hill Head Sailing Club, on what was forcast to be a lovely sunny day.

Our model Dom who is completely new to the modelling game had voulanteered after some prompting from Lauren (aka Miss July) and agreed to give it a go. I cant stress how tough it was to find male models for these shoots. I’m not sure what we would have done without you Lauren, so big thank you to you and of course, Dom. 

Upon waking up that morning it was clear it was not going be the sunny day we had been promised, whilst picking up Haylie from the station I received a text from Lauren who was with model Dom at Hill head saying how terrible it was down there. I soon got to see first hand, foggy and slightly raining it was less than ideal conditions. However we had to make the most of it. You have to give a lot of credit to Dom for the way he dealt with the conditions, as we were shooting a spring/summer trend and it was freezing, not to mention very windy. 

Here a few a few of my favourites from the shoot:

Menswear Fashion Photography Southampton Menswear Fashion PhotographyMenswear Fashion PhotographerFashion Accessory Photographer Menswear Fashion Photographer Portsmouth Menswear Fashion Photographer Southampton Menswear Fashion Photographer HampshireI actually quite like the fact the colours are dull and very subtle, I think the shoot was a great success and the conditions in the end, added something to the look.

I am available for commission whether its menswear fashion photography or another form of fashion. Get in touch via the contact section for more info.

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