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Armani Inspired Fashion Shoot – Fashion Photographer Winchester

This Fashion Photography Shoot was shot in Winchester. It was taken for Chai, who was in one of the creative makeup shoots I did a couple of months back. She was looking for a moody fashion shoot inspired by Armani. We had the use of a restaurant in Winchester in which to plot our story, the images were an addon to the video commercial that she was also producing.

There was two models in this shoot, one of which is Helen who I have become good friends with after working with her on several locations. The other Dan McIllmurray is relatively new to the modelling industry, not that it showed in his posing. The shots need to be quite intense and steamy which is always interesting to shoot. Using Helen is great for this as she is always messing around during the shoots, which keeps the atmosphere fun.

My editing in these shots is dark and toned to create some extra mood, I really didnt want any bright colours. With the walls being brick I had to be careful they didnt come out too orange.

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I really enjoyed this shoot and I think the results show for themselves. I am waiting to see the video that these are to go with in the near future.

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