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This shoot was for another student, Kalreece Crow. I have actually shot her has a model recently, she is Miss Southampton and I was lucky enough to shoot some promo shots for her, they will be on here soon! After shooting with her she asked me if I would shoot something for her uni assignment. The shoot was 1970s based and Kalreece styled and did the makeup, it features the lovely Bryony Gordon as the model. We couldnt have picked a worse day for the shoot, although you would never know it looking at the shots, it was blowing a gale and raining for the majority of time. We headed into Fareham for the first series to shoot near the council building, it had the required look and we were able to get out of the wind. I was also full of cold for this shoot so I was happy to get away from the wind too.

I was able to give the impression of a bright day in the background through careful positioning. Bryond did a sterling job considering the cold and wind, she was quite a natural. Once we had finished shooting this look we quickly changed location.

kc2Apr13-24 kc2Apr13-48

We headed to the beach of all places, imagine gale force winds, rain and freezing cold. The beach was the last place anyone wanted to be. Like true professionals we got out there in the wind and full on facing the wind, I was able to get some very striking shots of Bryony with wind blowing her all over. In a shirt that had been tie-died by Kalreece she managed to produce some great looks.

kc2Apr13-118 kc2Apr13-123

This shoot was not the most fun due to the conditions, however we were able to get the shots needed, and at times the conditions really added something.

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