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Beauty Photographer Southampton

A few weeks ago I was approached by a student from Southampton Solent University studying to be a Makeup Artist to do a couple of beauty shoots in studio with her. I love working with makeup artists as they make fashion and beauty shoots come to life. The theme of her shoot was to show the potential outcome of using to many beauty products, but in a much more exagerated way.

The first session using a lovely model called Charlie, she created a look to show the skin cracking almost like a porcelin doll would with paint flaking away. The model showed great professionalism with this look as she couldnt really move until it was time to shoot as the cracks increased the more she moved. Once in studio she could move as much as she liked as it increased the distressed look of the skin.

Here are a few images from the shoot, this was shot on Red Nose Day so there is a few fun images thrown in for laughs.

Beauty Photographer Southampton Becky-lally1Mar13-25 Becky-lally1Mar13-29After finishing this look Charlie was left with rather red skin due to the mixture, however ironically left her skin very soft. Whilst we were finishing up with Charlie, Becky had got to work on the next look with our next model Chai. Both of these models were new to me so I was pleasantly surprised how well they modelled.

Chai’s look was somewhat different from Charlie’s, being that she had been painted from the bust up to the jawline with black body paint and then glitter amongst other things applied to create texture and the sparkle. The remaining detail was hand painted and applied and we were ready to shoot. Chai was able to give me a real strength but calm in her poses which worked really well with this look. We thought she looked like an assassin from Kill Bill or something once made up.

Here a few shots from the shoot:

Beauty Photographer Southampton Beauty Photographer Portsmouth Photography southampton Beauty Photographer Southampton

Half way through this shoot, Becky applied something to make the lips run which created a really cool glossy effect as the makeup dripped off her lips. I also love that one of the splatters on the face looks like a tiny hand print, she looks like one of the borrowers had handprinted her face.

This shoot was great fun to do and the quality of the shots is testiment to Becky and the models talents. I am very happy with the outcome of the shots, nice work ladies.

Makeup: Becky Lally
Model 1: Charlie G Simpson
Model 2: Chai Lam

RND13 fun RND13 fun

RND13 fun RND13 fun

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