Tribal Fashion Photography

Tribal Fashion Photographer

It’s been a while since I last blogged any of my work. I’ve been quite busy with the calendar sales and various projects that I have going, but I thought it was about time I did, so here we go. Firstly, happy New Year to all! I thought id start with blogging about the first shoot of 2013, which was for my friend and Make up artist Roxie. This was for one of her university assignments, which was based around Tribal Makeup and fashion.

Roxie is often at the heart of my shoots and whilst she is a great makeup artist, she is also really talented as a clothing stylist. These images are testament to that. She styled the models on all fronts, hair, makeup, clothing and accessories. Brilliant for me as I can concentrate on what I am best at. 

For this shoot we used two models with completely different looks. The first; Katie Heron, is a joy to work with, she just poses out of her skin, once ready she pretty much nailed it on the first shot, which just meant we had so many great shots to choose from it was tough.

Tribal Fashion Photography Tribal Fashion Photography Tribal Fashion Photography Tribal Fashion Photography

The second Model, Sarah Green, is probably the tallest young lady ive ever met. Clocking in at around 6ft 1in without heels she towers over me! Being a modest 5’4” this has its benefits and its challenges. Usually ending with me stood on something balancing precariously.

Sarah is the opposite of Katie in that she is fair and has very pale skin, so the look was very different. After shooting for a short while we had more than enough shots to choose from for the second look and these two were the favourites.

Sand tribal FashionGolden tribal Fashion

I enjoy working with students as they have different ideas and very often produce some of the best work, because of this I am usually happy to negotiate my rates for them if the idea is to my liking. If you are looking for a photographer to help with a university assignment, why not get in touch
Idea, Clothes Stylist, Makeup Artist: Roxie Morgan
Model Look 1: Katie Heron
Model Look 2: Sarah Green
Photographer: David Greensmith

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