Film noir fashion photography

Black and White Fashion Photography

Over the past few months I have been so busy shooting the calendar that I wanted to go and shoot something on location! I was fed up of bright colours and smiles, I wanted something a bit moodier and thought provoking. So I arranged a shoot with Becky who is very different to the pin up girls. She has black hair which goes down to her bum and rocks black majority of the time.

My shoot inspiration was loosly based on a film noir Rendezvous theme, which I had been thinking of doing for a while. So pretty short notice I arranged for Becky to be available, where we had Tasha from Pride Hair style her plentiful head of hair and then Amber Peck (a new MUA for me) stepped in last minute to do her makeup. We then hot footed over to Chichester to take advantage of the plentiful locations.

Here are some of my favourite shots:

Black and white Fashion Photographer

Moody Fashion Photography

Film noir fashion photography

gothic fashion photography

I am planning to shoot more of this kind of work over the coming months, so if you would like to be involved or have something similar in your portfoliol feel free to get in touch.

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