Urban Fashion Photographer

Urban Fashion Photographer

On Tuesday night I was working with makeup artist Roxie Morgan and Model Jade, to do an urban fashion shoot. The shoot location was next to Fratton park, the home of Portsmouth FC. All along the sides there is a wall that is covered by high quality graffiti. Our original plan was too shoot about 6pm however, the girls were running somewhat late with the preparations.

We eventually got to the ground around 8pm, which was not ideal as the sun was going down and we didn’t have long. On the plus side, it was providing us with the most glorious golden light in which to shoot.

Jade got straight to work providing me with more great poses than i could choose from, which was made even more impressive by a crowd of Pompeys finest youths shouting obscene things at her. She laughed it off and struck another pose, very nicely done!

Once the light had faded, we did some shots using a speedlight, however after the brilliant sun, they didnt have the same pop that the first few did. Here are some of my favourite shots:

Urban Fashion Photographer

Location Fashion Photographer

Natural Light Fashion Photographer

Portsmouth Fashion Photographer

Hampshire Fashion Photographer

up and coming fashion photographer

UK Fashion Photographer

Graffiti Fashion Photography

Urban Location Fashion Photography

Fashion Photographer UK

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