Model Portfolio Shoot

I was contacted last week by one of my makeup artists (Rachael) she had a friend whos daughter was interested in modelling and wanted to try it out. As with anybody who wants to get in to modelling its good to try it out and see if you enjoy it. This in mind I was happy to set up a shoot for Carla. I wanted her first model portfolio shoot to be very relaxed and I don’t feel the studio does works for a first shoot. So I arranged to meet Carla and her mum Gill in Portsmouth.

Rachael came along as the makeup artist and we met them to get started. After she was made up we started with some headshots, Carla was a little shy at first but that was to be expected. Before long she was quite happy in front of the camera. The headshots were taken inside a church in old portsmouth with no roof, its ideal as it is very light in there, however the sunlight is not direct.

Once we had finished the headshots, we headed outsite, I had scouted the location whilst the makeup was being done, and I really liked some steps on the banks near the waterfront. We shot there with a couple of different outfits which both worked really well. Rachael is also a model as well as a makeup artist, which is really useful when doing shoots with new models. Sometimes its easier to show a model how a pose should be done than to describe, so rachael was able to direct her and show her some poses, a great experience for somebody new to modelling.

After an hour and fourty minutes we had enough images for her to choose from and we ended the shoot. Here are my favourites from the shoot:







If you would like to try your hand at modelling check out my Model Portfolio packages, I am always offering deals for shoots and will try to work with you on price where I can. To enquire call 07590 901488 or email me

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