50s Inspired Party Girls Shoot

POP! – 50’s Inspired Shoot

Yesterday I was in Southampton shooting for Fashion Stylist, Faye Sictorness. The concept was a 50s themed shoot to be shot at POP, which is a bar in southampton. The bar is very brightly colour and in places ideally suited to what we needed.

I arrived at the shoot to find the the models well under way in hair and makeup. After having a quick look around, I set up ready for the shoot. Faye had outfits styled for the shoot, starting quite traditionally vintage and moving into a more modern vintage inspired outfit.

The first set up was all about the traditional, so naturally we had some teacups and cupcakes on stand by. The bar had some great Shoe chairs which were ideal for this sequence of shots. Here a few of them:

50s Vintage Themed Photoshoot

50s Inspired Fashion Shoot

50's Inspired Fashion Shoot

From there the models were put into party mode, swapping teacups to for cocktails (well water to be exact)

50's Inspired Photo Shoot

A quick change of outfit to something definitely a little racier and we changed locations for the final part of the shoot. These were more modern images where the clothing was more of 50’s inspired, mixed up with some modern girls on the town. The models Sarah and Kayleigh, were fantastic on the shoot. They really committed to the shoot and tried their best to get into part, whilst still showing completely different personalities in the photographs. Well done ladies, a good days work!

Here are the final series of images:

50s Inspired Party Girls Fashion Shoot

50s Inspired Party Girls Shoot

Last minute we did a quick change of location to the ladies toilets of all places! Definitely better than the gents toilets and it gave a great background for the final images.

50s Inspired Party Girls Shoot

50s Fashion Shoot

This is the first of a few shoot set up with Faye, on the basis of this shoot I am very much looking forward to the others.

Photography: David Greensmith (Me)

Hair and Makeup: Ashleigh Skinner

Stylist: Faye Sictorness

Models: Kayleigh Scott & Sarah Ambler

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