Bubblegum Beauty

Bubblegum Beauty Shoot

Last week I was working with the ubber talented Tori Harris in a slightly wacky shoot. We had drafted in the model Emelye Dwyer to be our canvas and she certainly didnt dissappoint.I arrived in Knowle to find Tori had been working hard on Emelye making her pink and bubblegum in every sense. I got to work and set up the studio with a pale blue background which would really make the colours pop.We were quickly into the shoot with Emelye giving some great poses, particularly facially. She is an actress by trade so she was adept at giving different looks. I wanted the shots to be cheeky and fun.After shooting in the studio, Tori increased the makeup using some transfers on her lips to great effect. We took a few more shots in the studio then headed outside to find somewhere to shoot. Emelye had a really cool umbrella which fitted perfectly with the styling, and she produced some great poses with that. She very much looks like she is being blown away.We carried on looking for locations and oddly found a bath tub just outside one of the buildings, well before I could suggest to Emelye, she was in it. This produced some great looking shots.Finally we headed back to the studio and added some more to the eye makeup, and finished off in the studio. Some of my favourite images are below:Bubblegum BeautyBubblegum BeautyBubblegum BeautyBubblegum BeautyBubblegum BeautyThis was a great fun shoot to be involved in and I enjoyed working with all parties! Watch this space for more collaborations!

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