Mayhem Magazine Beauty Shoot - Amy Kibler

Beauty Shoot – Mayhem Magazine

This week saw the second shoot for Mayhem magazine published. I was once again working with talented Tori Harris, Make-up Artist Extrodinare. Her article features monthly in the magazine and I was luck enough to be shooting again for her.

This months issues is based around the theme of Valentines days, so the article was based around that theme and so was the shoot. We drafted in Model Amy Kibler for the shoot. Tori got to work making her look more fantastic than she already does. We then got straight into the shoot.

We were looking for a simple look, sultry and sexy without being over the top. Amy is a fantastic model and the poses were effortless for her. 20 Minutes later, we had plenty of shots to choose from.

This is the image used in the magazine:

Mayhem Magazine Beauty Shoot - Amy Kibler

This is the tearsheet:

Mayhem Magazine Tearsheet

Hopefully there will be more in the magazine over the coming months. Check back to see more.

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