Mayhem Magazine – Beauty Shoot

Last december I was approached by Tori Harris (makeup Artist) to shoot some images for an article she was submitting to be published. I was happy to oblige, and arrived at her flat in Fareham to get to work. She had casted in model Aemelia Edwards to be in the pictures.

I decided that I would also video the transformation that takes place when Tori gets to work, so there is a video below. It is a time delay as the process take some time, so I don’t want anybody getting bored.

Here is the image to be featured in the magazine.

and here is a tearsheet from the magazine, if you out in portsmouth, why not pick yourself a copy for free and have a look.

The time lapse video.

[youtube] http://youtu.be/OlBfSzOJDVs [/youtube]

I have plans to shoot for next months magazine, so check back shortly to see next months effort!

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