Nicole Robinson

Model Portfolio – Nicole Robinson

I have done quite a few model portfolio shoots over the last few months, however this one was different. For starters the location I had planned for the shoot became unavailable at the last minute.

The model I was working with was Nicole (Nicky) Robinson, she has an alternative fashion sense, and is very talented with make-up. She actually does make up as well as modelling so she is very useful girl to have around. So not only did we have no location to shoot but she was also feeling unwell when I picked her up from the Train Station.

That all taken into account, I am delighted with the outcome of the photographs, once we had found a suitable location and started the session, I would never have guessed she was unwell.

The images are fantastic and quite different to my other work. Without any further blurb from me, here they are:

Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson

If you would like to book a portfolio session like this or even just a portrait session, give me a call on 07590 901488 or email me direct

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