Stephanie Gilchrist

Portrait Session with Stephanie Gilchrist

I was asked a few weeks ago to take some portraits of Stephanie, and I finally found a free slot to get her into the studio. I didn’t want them to loose the fashion edge that all of my recent work has had, however this was in no way a fashion shoot.Stephanie is about to embark on her own photography career at university. These shots are for her personal blog/website. I will look forward to seeing what she produces over the next few years.Anyway without any further a due, here are the images:Stephanie GilchristStephanie GilchristSteph GilchristSteph GilchristStephanie GilchristSteph GilchristThis is a great example of a simple studio portrait session. It is very relaxed and takes no more than 45 minutes. If you would like to book a portrait session for yourself or somebody else, get in touch by the contact section or call me on 07590 901488.

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