Street Photography take 2

After my trip to Fareham on Wednesday this week, I found myself in the same situation today. I had to go to town and so I took my camera along.


Continuing on from my previous post, I looked for stories amongst the people of Fareham. The guy in the photo above caught my eye because of what he was reading. Property today saying “We’re on the up!” I can’t say this reader looked very convinced!


For the first time, I noticed signs all over Fareham for Litter Fines, I’ve no idea how long they have been in action, however fixed penalty being issued here for littering. Hopefully not with the cannon!


This lady was sat soaking up the sun in the centre of Fareham. I was attracted to her face, just the wrinkles and lived in appearance she had. She gave me a bit of a withering look as I took this shot.


On my out of town, I walked past the obligatory Mcdonalds, and there seems no recession on in there! In fact they were as busy as ever! No wonder the government continues to talk about people being obese. This couple of girls just sat in the sun enjoying their McCholesterol with fries and and a drink.


Well on the way home, I was walking through the a cut through known as the gillies. As I walked through the arches under the railway, this couple were in front of me. I just loved the way the light came through the arch.

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